Sādhanā Sanctuary is a premium yoga club with a difference.

Our broad range of classes are taught by Singapore’s most qualified and experienced teachers. Our facilities have been purpose built to support the needs of our students. We aim to create a holistic environment at Sadhana, a place of healing and growth. We provide a service for all life stages and all yoga levels, from pre-natal, to children; right through to those in later years. 

‘Sādhanā‘ means ‘spiritual practice‘ in Sanskrit and ‘Sanctuary‘ represents a sacred and undisturbed hideaway for you to focus on you. Our studio is an ideal and conducive space for students and dedicated practitioners to enjoy their sessions. It is in our non-competitive, stress-free environment that you can embrace the true philosophy of your yoga practice.

At Sadhana however we are focused on more than just your physical well-being; we are dedicated to deepening your spiritual experience through your chosen yoga practice. Our teachers are well versed in various styles of yoga for this purpose.

More than just a commercial studio, we are dedicated to nurturing a spiritual community of like-minded individuals who seek to further their knowledge in yoga and self-awareness. Sādhanā Sanctuary is a hub of workshops, events and training sessions, attracting the most knowledgeable and respected of yoga teachers. 

With over 40 different types of classes and 100 class times a week, Sadhana Sanctuary is one of most diverse studios in Singapore offering Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Hot Core Power, Yoga Therapy and Restorative classes. Unique classes such as Hot shape and Flat Abs are ideal for those who seek to slim without rigorous and rigid exercises, at the same time also working concurrent on toning, strengthening and improving flexibility overall. In addition to traditional yoga classes we also offer Pilates in a hot and non-hot environment.

Sādhanā Sanctuary welcomes all to adopt the physical asana practice and to develop a disciplined mind by embracing punctuality and a respect of personal space. We hope you will find your inner peace and appreciate the sound of silence at our humble studio.

Shanti shanti shanti.