27 Oct – 02 Nov 2014

20 Oct – 26 Oct 2014


Yoga Etiquette

Arrive Early:  Please arrive 15 minutes before class.  Classes start promptly. Once class starts you will not be allowed to enter the room. Please do not leave the studio while class is in progress.

Remove your shoes:  Kindly put away your shoes neatly in our shoe cabinets. Please be reminded that the studio shall not be held responsible for any loss of items.

Be Mindful:  The studio is a sanctuary. Please tone down your voice while in the studio and along the corridors while class is in progress.

Do not practice yoga with a full stomach:  Please do not eat at least 2 hours before class. You might experience cramps and nausea.

Injuries and/or Health Restrictions:  It is important to inform your Instructor before class of any injuries or health restrictions that might affect your practice. Instructors can help modify certain poses to assist you.

Mobile Phones:  DO NOT bring your bags or mobile phones into the studios.

Do not bring glass cups to class: Please use plastic water bottles with secure cover to avoid spillage that could lead to accidents.

Know your limit:  Do what you can without straining or injuring yourself.

Keep your Sanctuary clean: Help keep our studio neat by returning the props once you are done with them.

Dress appropriately and comfortably for Yoga and prepare to sweat!

* Sadhana Sanctuary reserves the right to cancel, change classes or instructors without prior notice.